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Valbona Raifi

Valbona Raifi

As a trainer, she is professional and knowledgeable and provides practical, interactive and fun-filled activity-based training to individuals and businesses.

Valbona Raifi has over 13 years of experience in the field of finances, accounting and auditing. During these years she has worked with a large number of different companies and organizations in Kosovo. In the finance field, she hasensured that finance systems and regulations of the employers are developed based on best practice and in compliance with local and international legal frameworks and policies.

She is a Certified Accountant and Internal Auditor from SCAAK (The Accounting and Audit Association inKosovo) and has a Master’s degree in Finance Management from the University of Southeast Europe in Macedonia. She is also certified as a Master trainer by GIZ in Kosovo (The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit).

Work Experience

With over 10 years’ experience Valbona has extensive experience In training and has been involved as a coach on finance and accounting, where she has trained entrepreneurial women, even now she continues to give advice for women in need.

Since 2019 she started as a trainer at SCAAK (The Accounting andAudit Association in Kosovo) on KOSOVO TAX AND LAW courses. She has been helping people to make profound personal transformations since 2010.

Valbona is professional and knowledgeable and provides practical,interactive and fun filled activity-based training to individuals and businesses through workshops and seminars. Since 2019 Valbona as Master Trainer is involved in delivering trainings on TVET.

She has delivered numerous trainings and has profound experience of developing knowledge and expertise in her field.

Inspiration to become a trainer

My inspiration to become a trainer stems from my love of training/teaching today’s youth and not only, to be productive.

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