About Skills Academy

The Skills Academy provides individuals with a solid foundation in career exploration opportunities and inspiring interactions with fellow students, trainers and other professionals in the intended fields.

It offers professional learning opportunities to educators, individuals and companies through training and consulting services tailored to the demand of the working world for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and skills on content aligned with division priorities. Hence, it seeks to become an innovative learning center focused on community engagement and business partnership for the mutual benefit of students and the economy which is based on actual workforce needs.

The Skills Academy is built on experienced and qualified trainers in their own fields. Furthermore, it has developed a distinctive program that focuses not only on enhancing methodological and pedagogical capacities in trainers and teachers but also develop unique ways of making teaching and learning more flexible and responsive towards apprentices. Customer and demand-oriented services in the areas of vocational education and training, consulting and human resources.


Our mission is to provide a place for the current and next generation of professionals and leaders to develop work-ready skills. Skills that play a vital role in using and shaping the ever-evolving technologies and markets. Our courses help you to become a competent professional, to improve your company and society.

Learn with us

We’ve worked hard to design the best possible offline and online learning experience for you. As well as an unrivaled syllabus, our approach includes:

Projects & portfolio
Learn-by-doing with a series of real-world projects ideal for your personal development portfolio.
Workshops, Learn tutorials & webinars
Be guided by our hand-picked Master trainers during practice, tutorials, and webinars.
Structure & support
Stay motivated with a structured program supported by fellow students and our customer success team.


Programs of the Skills Academy focus on the customer’s expectations and interests of the company. These various level programs, from open seminars to individually designed in-house and online education and training activities, identify alternative resources and practical ways for people to participate in lifelong learning programs.

Programs of the Skills Academy that make it stand out from other academies are:

  • Workshops for employees, supervisors and managers
  • Quality management further education
  • In-house Courses & Training
  • Online Courses & Training

All programs are offered in English, German, Albanian and any other language depending on the contract.

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