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Getting Competent is dedicated to the advancement and improvement of high-quality vocational education and training wherever it exists and wherever it is needed.

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Get Com is an Association and network of vocational trainers, vocational educators, vocational skills training organizations, business and industrial firms, and other individuals and groups interested or involved in vocational education and training.

Our Mission

Get Com is working to create a new era in communication among vocational educators. Members include practitioners, researchers, and students in the field of vocational education and training as well as institutions, organizations, and companies actively engaged in human resource development.

Our Vision

Get Com membership provides a network of contacts in vocational education and training eager to learn about the ideas, programs, techniques, and products that you have developed and to share their own ideas and products with you as well.

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The executive board members of the Getting Competent Association are a group of dedicated and experienced professionals who guide us through our mission and help to shape our organization’s values.



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