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Atifete Xhemaj

Mrs. Atifete Xhemaj has developed her extensive sales experience through continuing education to become a manager and coach. She has worked since 2006 for various European branches of companies such as H&M, Aldi, Torfs, Spar, Mireck and Kujtesa. She is very committed to the economic functioning of sales teams in general and wants to integrate her experiences into Kosovo’s economy.


In her own words:

From my work experience, in different fields and with different people, I managed to develop a way of training in different methods and modules, adapted to each individual in his approach. 

I have discovered that not all people listen and/or speak in the same way. 

In a commercial company it is important that everyone looks in the same direction. That is why I have developed methods to communicate better and more understandably and to teach that to my trainees.

Work Experience

Training for commercial employees.

Essential Selling Skills and Behaviours.


If you are a business manager with great ideals, you want more customers, more sales and more profit. And especially customers who come back.

That is exactly my goal. My training courses not only give the customer that reassuring feeling, but they will comfort you as well. I can assist you in building an enthusiastic sales team, generating more revenue and becoming a company with a reputation rather than a company with a name.


My courses aim to motivate your sales staff and teach them to:

  • Approach customers and gain their trust.
  • Translate product knowledge into language that speaks to the customer.
  • Ask the right questions, so they will get the right answer.
  • Close the deal.
  • Work in a team …
  • Become the right hand of the sales manager.
Inspiration to become a trainer

You want to build a strong team to deliver on critical business goals and strategies? You want your workforce to gain more influence, improve their presentation skills and become more stress resistant?

I can help develop your employees’ soft skills, with an accent on interpersonal skills, (collaboration and teamwork) and communication skills (listening and speaking). Team mates will feel safe and bonded, respected and understood so they become self-confident and motivated.

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