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This website and these services are offered by Getting Competent, established in the Kosovo, registered with the Kosovo Registration Agency with number 5117792-4. Where reference is made in this privacy policy to ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘GettingCompetent’ this refers to Getting Competent and its activities. Getting Competent is responsible for the way in which it organizes its online learning environment and adapts its services accordingly. These services include:

  • Providing access to the online learning resources
  • Delivering innovations
  • Providing support
  • Marketing activities

When purchasing our services, you or your employer is jointly responsible for the personal data that we process within this framework. For example, your employer determines which employees are invited to the online learning environment. In addition, your employer receives reports on the use of our service within your organisation. If you would like to know more about the way in which your employer handles your personal data, please ask your employer. In this privacy policy, we provide information about what we do with your personal data.

You may be using a demo account, which you have requested yourself through our website, or have been offered by a Getting Competent. In this case, the privacy policy applies in full and you are responsible for the sharing of your personal data with Getting Competent yourself.

Purpose of the data processing

Getting Competent aims to get and keep everyone learning! We respect your privacy as a user and ensure that the personal data you share with us is treated confidentially. Personal data will only be processed in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We may process this data to the extent required to put into practice an agreement with your employer that gives you, as a user, access to the Getting Competent learning environment.

Your personal data will be processed by us within the framework of our services (see above) in order to:

  • be able to perform these optimally
  • be able to adapt these to your personal preferences
  • continue to develop and improve them

We may also use your personal data to send you a newsletter, to inform you about our services. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter via the link at the bottom of the e-mail. In order to optimise our services, we like to ask you for your opinion. We will never force you to do so. For example, if you decide to take part in our evaluations, we will be able to better tailor our services to your personal preferences.

Personal data

If you access our online learning platform via an invitation e-mail, we will process the following personal data about you as a user:

  • Name
  • E-mail address
  • Password (encrypted)

An invitation e-mail will be sent via

It contains a link to activate your account. We will encrypt your password and store it on our system. We will use your e-mail address as an identifier when logging into our website.

You or your employer can also choose to register your account with us in a different way. We offer various linking techniques for this, which do not necessarily require you to share your email address with us. In that case, identification takes place on the basis of a userID. You can ask your employer or our team if and which data is being shared with us.

If you have access to our online learning resources, we will, depending on your use, also process the following:

Information about your learning process, which can be subdivided into:

  • Activities
    • Duration
    • Progress
    • Result
    • Your rating
  • Web sessions
    • IP address
    • Log times
    • Browser
    • Operating System

Access to personal data

A limited number of employees within Getting Competent are authorized to access your personal data. Access is based on roles, responsibilities and a need to know basis.

These employees are bound to secrecy by their employment contract. No employee has access to your password.

You can apply internally for the role of ‘Reporter’ to be assigned to different people. These people will also have access to your data about the learning process. You have a right to know who these people are.

Retention periods and rights of data subjects

All your data will be kept safe by us. Your data will in any case be stored as long as you or your employer is a customer of ours. It is possible that your employer may want us to remove all the personal data we have for your organization after the end of the contract. This means your data will also be permanently removed.

As a user, you always have the right to be forgotten. You can exercise this right in your account settings. If you are unable to log in (e.g. because the contract has already expired), please contact our support department ( Of course, you can also contact them to access your data or ask for corrections at any time.


Getting Competent places high demands on its suppliers. Needless to say, we have made agreements about the way in which suppliers should handle your data. They may never use your data for their own purposes.

We have marked the suppliers who process your personal data on our behalf as sub processors. We have entered into data processing agreements with these parties.

General services suppliers

Within the framework of our services we use the following parties who may come into contact with your personal data:

  • TalentLMS
  • Moodle

Below we indicate for each party what they are used for and what personal data we share with them for that purpose.


  • Sending newsletters and other e-mails (e.g. the activation e-mail, password reset, etc.).
  • The compilation of statistics to gain insight into the results and effectiveness of our e-mails, solely for the benefit of (and perusal by) Getting Competent.

Only your name and e-mail address will be exchanged with this party, never yourpassword or information about your learning process.


  • Providing a CRM system for our sales department with which we can monitor the entire sales process.
  • Providing a platform with which we can provide support to you as a user of our service (Service Cloud).
  • Conducting online marketing campaigns aimed at our commercial contacts in the context of customer acquisition and sometimes also customer retention, but never aimed directly at you as a user (Pardot).

Our CRM system only shares the contact details of our contacts. In addition, commercial data is shared with our customers. This never includes passwords or information about the learning process.

Our Service Cloud only shares contact information, never your password or information about your learning process (which you do not share with us yourself). The sharing of contact details with this support platform only takes place during contact moments that you initiate yourself. In addition to the marketing campaigns, Pardot also disables marketing cookies, for example to prevent you from having to fill out each website form over and over again. For you as a user, the marketing cookies are turned off by default, unless you have agreed to all cookies when you activated your account. You can always change your cookie settings yourself via the Cookie settings (link), which you can find in the footer of our website.

Promo studio suppliers

In the case of marketers of clients who want to use our Promo studio the following parties may come into contact with commercial (contact) information, but never with your password or information about your learning process:

  • Live wall – development and hosting of the Promo studio
  • Flyer alarm – international printing company for marketing materials

Data security

We use SSL security certificates to log into our website and for the data traffic of logged in users to and from our website. We always use modern and the latest technologies to store and encrypt passwords.


We reserve the right to change this privacy policy. The most recent privacy policy is always available on our website, you can find it in the footer. The effective date is at the top of this document.

If you have a complaint about the way in which we process your personal data, please get in touch with our security department (, so that we can deal with your complaint. If you are not satisfiedwith the way we handle your complaint.

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