Getting Competent members receive exclusive access to industry-leading services, includingbusiness tools, research, and market reports, and access to the Talent Learning Management System (TalentLMS). Join the Get-Com today to unlock substantial benefits and training credentials as a trainer, as well as access to the industry’s top networking events, seminars, andworkshops.

Being part of the Getting Competent community gives you and your business a huge advantage. Here are a few of the main reason’s members say they find value in being part ofour community:

  • Networking: attend and participate in conferences, presentations and activities thatfoster and support the international exchange of ideas, issues, developments, and contacts in vocational education and training
  • Advocacy and Shared Values: embrace and collaborate with other organization to hold international conferences throughout the world.
  • Industry Visibility: make a difference in the education and lives of vocational students and adults

Member Benefits
As a member, you will benefit from the Getting Competent’s global reputation for training standards and excellence. You will also become a part of our thriving professional community.

  • Community Engagement on our webpage with your trainer profile
  • Supporting help in developing your Trainer Business
  • Digital Learning Programs in various forms, from Live Webinars to online learning,Conversations with Masters, all complemented by additional resources.


Our Digital Learning Programs based on our Talent-LMS offer our members and the wider community regular access to thought leadership and online learning through a variety of means.

Our Digital Learning technologies enable our participants who are dispersed across the globe,to grasp concepts more quickly and fully, to connect theory and application more adeptly, and to engage in learning more readily whilst facilitating the widespread sharing of knowledge. All with an emphasis on Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

We provide a wide and varied range of topics and a portfolio of CPD live events throughout the year for trainers to attend and develop their skills, grow professionally, and ensure they are delivering the best for their training clients.

Qualification for membership
Applications for membership shall be addressed to the Executive Director accompanied by evidence that the applicant has fulfilled and is capable in the future of fulfilling the obligations of membership.

A member shall pay to the Association a yearly Membership fee of Euro 60,00 to defray the indirect expenses of the Association in an amount established by the Executive Committee.

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