Trainer Profile

Brian Stains

As a trainer and consultant, he specializes in an interactive style oflearning to ensure maximum participation and involvement, inclusivity of all participants, thereby not only making the training extremely effective, but anenjoyable experience for all who are involved.

Brian has been involved in education and training for the last 30 years of his career delivering training to university students, employers, management at all levels, and within a variety of organizations. He has also extensive experience of international work delivering TVET related training and advising organizations on future TVET development. He has designed a range of employability courses as part of an extensive training of trainer’s courses.

His particular expertise has been in the development of effective Careers Education and Guidance skills where he has trained staff internationally on effective techniques using international best practice. Whilst most of his workingcareer has been in the UK Brian also has worked in most countries in Europe either directly as a trainer or training consultant. This has primarily involved the design and delivery of TVET courses specifically tailored to the needs of various TVET providers, and in the development of effective careers guidance, and employer educational links systems.

Work Experience

30 years direct experience in training and development of training courses.

Specific training topics have included:

  • Developing effective employer/Educational linkages
  • Developing and running Careers Guidance centres
  • Training courses related to the development of employability skills
  • Training for senior managers and decision makers
  • Training on a variety of soft skills including Teamwork, Leadership, Time management, Intercultural Awareness, Communication skills, Negotiation skills and a variety of other bespoke courses as required

Worked throughout Europe, South east Asia, Middle East, and Africa on a wide range of consultancy projects

Inspiration to become a trainer

My love of interaction with other people, and being involved in helping them identify, develop and apply their skills. The feedback I get from so many people makes the job even more enjoyable and further develops my enthusiasm for training in the future.

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