Trainer Profile

Dario Caccamisi

As a trainer, he has learnt what he knows from others and is keen on sharing and transferring his knowledge to others who are motivated to learn and improve.

Dario is an Agronomist and anthropology scholar with experience in training and technicalassistance related to food supply chain management, food safety, quality assurance programmes and marketing of agri-food products. International experience in Africa, Mediterranean countries, Central Asia, Pacific Islands, and the Balkans region, with contribution toprojects of the major international donors: FAO, IFAD, TWB, GIZ, DANIDA, EU, USAID.

Work Experience

My career has constantly paired the field experience with training to farmers, agri-businesses, students, and scholars. This turns in almost 40 years of experience in practical and theoretical training in fifty countries worldwide.

For years I have taught high-school marketing and quality of agri-food products and university marketing of food, combined with training classes on agri-food given in international environments.

My preferred training topics include marketing of agri-food products, quality assurance, development and promotion of agri-food value chains. In this domain I am developing models of analysis that combine the economic approach with anthropological and social elements.

Inspiration to become a trainer

Our knowledge is acquired from others: I have learnt what I know from others. I am keen on sharing and transferring my knowledge to others who are motivated to learn and improve.

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